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home: true pageClass: home-page heroImage: /logo.svg heroText: The Internet of Trusted Things taglines:

  • text: IoTeX is a decentralized platform that combines blockchain, secure hardware, and confidential computing to empower privacy-focused devices, apps, and services.
  • text: Whether you are an IoT enterprise, device manufacturer, or Dapp builder,
  • text: come build the future on IoTeX.


  • title: DEVELOPER TOOLS links:
    • text: Decentralized Storage url:
    • text: Data Dashboards url:
    • text: Smart Contract Tools url:
  • title: MIDDLEWARE links:
    • text: Decentralized Identity url:
    • text: IoT Data Oracle url:
    • text: Confidential Computing url:
  • title: IOTEX BLOCKCHAIN links:
    • text: Token Transactions url:
    • text: Data Exchange url:
    • text: Smart Contracts url:

actionText: Start Building → actionLink: /developer/ features:

  • title: Explore the Protocol featureLink: https://github.com/iotexproject/iotex-core#iotex-core linkText: Visit GitHub details: Check out to the official Go implementation of IoTeX protocol!
  • title: Join as a Delegate featureLink: https://community.iotex.io/t/official-iotex-delegates-thread/1263 linkText: Delegate guide details: Learn how to configure a full node and join as a candidate delegate.
  • title: Learn more featureLink: /introduction/whatisiotex.html linkText: Introduction details: Explore the vision of IoTeX and learn about the core concepts. footer: © 2020 IoTeX footerLink: https://iotex.io