# Get involved

First off, thank you for considering contributing to IoTeX. It's people like you that make IoTeX chain great. IoTeX is an open source project and we love to receive contributions from our community — you!


There are many ways to contribute, from writing tutorials or blog posts, to improving documentation and translations, from submitting bug reports and feature requests, to reporting your experience and public advocating the project, are all valuable ways to contribute to IoTeX and build trust in the community.

# Contribute to the code

Check out our GitHub account (opens new window), take a look at public repositories and if you find something you would like to contribute to, the only requirement is that you sign the Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) (opens new window) when submitting your first pull request. Follow the project’s contribution guidelines (opens new window): contributions will be reviewed by a maintainer, and must pass all applicable tests.

Below are some of the public repos you can consider contributing to:

IoTeX Studio Web IDE (opens new window)
Is our web based IDE to edit, test and deploy Solidity smart contracts to the IoTeX Blockchain

IoTeX Explorer & Desktop Wallet (opens new window)
Is our official Explorer website iotexscan.io (opens new window), which also includes the code for IoPay Desktop (opens new window) Wallet

IoTeX Node Bootstrap (opens new window)
Contains tools and guides for running a IoTeX Fuul Node and join public Mainnet and Testnet

Web Native Staking v2 (opens new window)
Is our official member portal member.iotex.io (opens new window) implementing staking operations and several tools for the community.

IoTeX Core Node (opens new window)
Is the official Go implementation of the IoTeX Blockchain Protocol

Browse all IoTeX repositories (opens new window)

# Join the HALO Grants Program

To fuel the development of the Internet of Trusted Things, the IoTeX Halo Program funds software and hardware development, research, education, and community engagement efforts. Halo Grants are open for any project at any stage to apply, as long as it promotes the growth and use of IoTeX technology. Halo will pave the way for the next generation of “Powered by IoTeX” devices and applications — apply now to turn your ideas into reality.

Submit your project to the HALO community grants Program: https://halo.iotex.io (opens new window)

# Build your IoTeX project!

Check out the full documentation at docs.iotex.io to learne the basics of IoTeX and start building your first "Powered by IoTeX" Device or dApp!

Try out IoTeX Studio (opens new window) to test and deploy your smart contracts (IoPay Desktop (opens new window) is required to deploy to the public Mainnet or Testnet).

Get inspired by browsing the IoTeX Ecosystem Portal for projects related to your area of expertise: you can also ask for contributing to some of those community projects!

# Contribute to translations

Interested in becoming a translator? Join our Telegram Group (opens new window) and ask an Admin to be added as a contributor to one of the following projects:

# Contribute to the community

As a community member, there are many ways to give your contribution to the IoTeX Project, you can:

  • Report bugs on our [https://github.com/iotexproject](GitHub repositories)
  • Share your experience with IoTeX in our Telegram Group
  • Create a local community, organise meetups & events