# Create a IoTeX Account

Let's begin with creating a new IoTeX account: similarly to any blockchain wallet app where you can create a new wallet, this operation consists of generating a random IoTeX private key and storing it in an encrypted file, protected by a password of your choice. It also allows you to set an alias for the newly created account (we will use the alias dev-acc in the following sections) which can be used instead of the account address in subsequent ioctl commands:

Create and save a IoTeX account with:

ioctl account createadd dev-acc

ioctl will ask you to provide a password that will be used to encrypt your newly created account private key. From now on when using ioctl commands you can refer to this account by using the alias dev-acc and the password of your choice.


Get used to immediately store your password in a safe place when you create a new account. Losing your password means losing access to the private key: when you will be using mainnet IOTX tokens this means losing your account and all the funds that you have sent to it. Forever!

where does ioctl store the data?

All ioctl created accounts, aliases, and the settings are stored locally on your computer in your home directory:

on Linux / macOS: ~/.config/ioctl

You can make a copy of this folder to replicate ioctl settings and accounts to multiple computers.