# Configure AWS IoT Core to receive data from Pebble

To integrate Pebble with AWS IoT Core we will need to setup a Policy, configure a new Thing, and download the cryptographic certificates required for Pebble to send data to AWS.

# Create the AWS IoT policy

We will create an AWS IoT policy that allows your Pebble to connect and send messages to AWS IoT.

  1. In the AWS IoT console, if a Get started button appears, choose it. Otherwise, in the navigation pane, expand Secure, and then choose Policies.

  2. If a "You don't have any policies yet" dialog box appears, choose Create a policy. Otherwise, choose Create.

  3. Enter a name for the AWS IoT policy (for example, PebbleTrackerPolicy). In the Add statements section, replace the existing policy with the following JSON:

  "Version": "2012-10-17",
  "Statement": [
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Action": "iot:*",
      "Resource": "*"

# Create the AWS IoT thing, certificate and private key

We will create a Thing in the AWS IoT registry to represent your Pebble.

  1. In the AWS IoT console (opens new window), in the navigation pane, choose Manage, and then choose Things.

  2. If a You don't have any things yet dialog box is displayed, choose Register a thing. Otherwise, choose Create.

  3. On the "Creating AWS IoT things" page, choose Create a single thing.

  1. On the "Add your device to the device registry" page, enter a name for your IoT thing (for example, PebbleTracker), and then choose Next.


You can't change the name of a thing after you create it. To change a thing's name, you must create a new thing, give it the new name, and then delete the old thing.

  1. On the "Add a certificate for your thing" page, choose Create certificate.

  2. Choose the Download links to download the certificate, private key, and root CA certificate.


This is the only time you can download your certificate and private key for your device: make sure you download and backup them!

  1. Choose Activate.

  2. Choose Attach a policy.

  3. For "Add a policy for your thing", choose PebbleTrackerPolicy, and then choose Register Thing.

# Take note of your AWS device data endpoin

The AWS device data endpoint is required for the IoT devices to send data to the correct server via REST API:

  1. In the navigation panel select Manage -> Things, then click the Thing name you just created (e.g. PebbleTracker), and click on Interactin in the left menu and take note of your AWS endpoint:

You can also find the endpoint in the settings page of AWS IoT console, just select settings from the navigation panel. The endpoint should look similar to