# IoTeX Rosetta Gateway

IoTeX provides an implementation of the Rosetta API (opens new window) Gateway from Coinbase (opens new window). Rosetta is an open standard and a set of tools designed to simplify blockchain deployment and interaction. For more informations about Rosetta see the project website (opens new window). IoTeX currently support Data API, while Construction API is coming very soon.

# Deploy Rosetta Gateway

You can deploy the IoTeX Rosetta gateway along with the IoTeX Mainnet node by following the current Build&Run documentation for the IoTeX Rosetta Gateway on our GitHub Repository (opens new window)

# Your Exchange doesn't implement Rosetta?

Go ahead, and check out the general integration guide!

# Testing

Once you've fully integrated with the IoTeX blockchain, please make accurate tests on both testnet and mainnet. All states of the IoTeX blockchain can be queried through either the command line tool ioctl or the official IoTeX explorers for (Mainnet (opens new window)ì and Testnet (opens new window)).

Please reach to IoTeX Team if you have any question.