# The Middleware Layer

IoTeX not only excels in blockchain, but also in core middleware components that we have fine-tuned for IoT. What truly differentiates IoTeX from other platforms is our focus on middleware that enables trusted devices and user-owned data:

IoTeX Platform

  • IoT Cloud & Data Oracle: in-house data oracle to port real world data from registered devices to the blockchain for use in smart contracts with end-to-end trust (whitepaper coming soon).

  • Decentralized Identity (DID): IoTeX’s decentralized identity framework enables devices to register an identity to the blockchain — to discover and be discovered — and also own its own data. “Self-sovereignty” for people (e.g., Sovrin, uPort) is common, but extending this concept and granting identities to devices opens the door to new human-machine and machine-machine use cases. Not all DIDs are created equal — IoTeX’s DID spec is advanced for both people and devices and is evolving at an exciting pace.

  • Confidential Computing: Once we own our data, the final step is to build applications where we can utilize our data while maintaining full privacy. By leveraging secure hardware, IoTeX enables privacy-preserving computations over encrypted data to unlock the future of user-centric applications. “Don’t bring the data to the code, bring the code to the data”.