# Private key, Public key & Address

# Introduction

IoTeX's Private Key is 64 random hex characters, e.g., 90bf89cd944df5c6d8281b132783277c1760537809c534fc54dda34c4edfb4f4, and the corresponding Public Key is derived from the private key using ECDSA (secp256k1), which is exactly the same as Ethereum.


Given a signed message, you can recover the public key of the signing account using this tool (opens new window).

# Address Construction

A IoTeX human readable address like io1nyjs526mnqcsx4twa7nptkg08eclsw5c2dywp4 can be constructed using the following steps:

  1. Generate a random private key and the corresponding public key using secp256k1secp256k1's elliptic curve;

  2. Apply keccak256keccak256 hash function to the public key, exluding the first byte: hash:=keccak256(pk[1:])hash := keccak256(pk[1:])

  3. Take the last 20 bytes as the payload: payload:=hash[12:]payload := hash[12:], which is the byte representation of the address;

  4. Apply bech32 (opens new window) encoding on the payload, and add the io prefix.