# Developer Tools & APIs Layer

Another major focus for IoTeX in the past months and surely in the future is to make developing on IoTeX intuitive, efficient, and fun for both developers and companies. We have been fortunate to collaborate with IoT standards organizations (e.g., IIC, IEEE), enterprises (e.g., Nordic Semiconductor, Tenvis), and open source technologies (e.g., IPFS, ThingsBoard) to make all of the blockchain infrastructure and middleware accessible and usable by developers of all skill levels. We can’t wait to see what you will build!

IoTeX Platform

  • Decentralized Storage: All of that IoT data … where does it all go? IoTeX offers flexible storage options via Cloud or decentralized storage, where data is “hashed” to the blockchain for verifiability and data provenance. IoTeX enforces protections for data at-rest and in-transit, and we are working closely with the IPFS team on decentralized encrypted storage for Ucam, which can be extended to other “Powered by IoTeX” devices in the future. See IoTeX’s Keynote at the IPFS Summit for more details.

  • IoT Data Dashboards: integration with ThingsBoard, a powerful open source data visualization tool to create your own IoT dashboards. Design beautiful dashboards for IoTeX devices like Pebble very soon!

  • Smart Contract Tools: new and improved IoTeX command-line tool (ioctl) with smart contract deployment capabilities, and planned integrations with smart contract tools like Truffle.